New Government proposal for Dog insurance

In new proposals made by the UK government it would be illegal to own a dog without insurance on the animal. This is part of a way to tackle the growing fear of dangerous dog breeds.
Apparently this is a way the police can order a dog owner to muzzle or neuter any dog.

Over the past few years the media has been littered with stories about dogs attacking children and the elderly, some with intent, this is how ministers plan to address the issue.

I personally think this is a great idea, most people would be inclined to say this new law should only apply to dogs with tendencies for aggressive or violent behaviour, I don’t this is necessarily true.
Any dog regardless of size is capable of inflicting injuries, and as mentioned above.

This method may also go to some length in tackling the amount of stray dogs we have roaming the streets in various parts of the UK, however I do agree that it could make the problem worse, as already tight household budgets would need to be stretched even more. Some households may have to abandon their dog out of desperation.

Environment Secretary Hilary Benn said: “There is a lot of public concern about dog attacks, including the recent tragic deaths of young children, and about the rise in the number of so-called status dogs used to intimidate or threaten people.
“This is a serious issue of public safety. The government wants to hear what people think about the law as it stands and what more we might do to protect people from dangerous dogs.”

I think in the UK we have a right to wander the street without fear when ever a large dog (stereotype of course) walks by. This will give dog owners more incentive to ensure their dog is under control at all times.

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