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10 Most Inspirational Home Offices

If you work from home or an extremely enormous nerd that loves having screens left, right and centre you’re gonna love this! I have gone round researching and trying to find some home offices that’ll make you go woaw, I want. Some of these home offices are pretty pricey, ranging from £2,000 upwards.

From what I see this would definately make you want to change your desk at home, maybe even buy a new computer! Who knows maybe you’ll see my home office online sometime… if your lucky!

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How It All Began…

The traces of programming can be found as early as 2000 years ago with the invention of Abacus, a device made of wood which had two parallel strings fixed horizontally on it. On these strings, beads were embedded. Using programming rules which were decided by the scholars of those days, addition and subtraction of numbers was made possible using Abacus. Another significant programming development which was invented around the same time is the Astroble. This device proved to be very useful for navigation in those days.

These instruments, Abacus and Astroble were used significantly for many centuries until the discovery of the digital computer or in simple terms, a calculator by which it is known popularly was made. The famous mathematician Blaise Pascal is known for programming the first calculator in 1642. The device build by Pascal used to take numbers as inputs and used to give their addition as output. Pascal programmed the device in such a way that the numbers had to be entered via dials. Pascal invented this device in order to help his father save time in his calculations as he was a tax collector.

In the year 1671 A.D., a scientist named Gottfried Wilhelm Von Leibniz designed a computer. He claimed that his designed computer would be able to perform mathematical operations such as addition and subtraction and after making some modifications he was convinced that it could also perform multiplication. Due to financial crisis he was not able to convert his designed model into a reality. But he didn’t lose hope and in the year 1694 he was finally able to prove his design. He successfully programmed a computer that could perform the mathematical operations which he had claimed 23 years ago.

The programming techniques invented by Leibniz and Pascal were not accepted by their colleagues. Their inventions were considered weird for almost a century. But they were soon accepted by the new age scientists for making faster programming techniques and till today we use the same technique which they invented centuries ago.

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What people in 1961 thought life in 2000 would be like!

Every now and again I think about what it would be like to live 20, 40 even 100 years ago. Sometimes when the dinosaurs were around, but they didn’t have broadband so I’m not that interested!

In 1961 a few scientist predicted what life would be like in 2000. It looked as though everything would be so easy that people will probably die from sheer boredom. Here’s what they thought:

Doors will open automatically, and clothing will be put away by remote control. The heating and cooling systems will be built into the furniture and rugs.

You’ll have a home control room – an electronics centre, where messages will be recorded when you’re away from home. This will play back when you return, and also give you up-to-the minute world news, and transcribe your latest mail.

You’ll have wall-to-wall global TV, an indoor swimming pool, TV-telephones and room-to-room TV. Press a button and you can change the décor of a room.

The status symbol of the year 2000 will be the home computer help, which will help mother tend the children, cook the meals and issue reminders of appointments.

Cooking will be in solar ovens with microwave controls. Garbage will be refrigerated, and pressed into fertiliser pellets.

Food won’t be very different from 1961, but there will be a few new dishes – instant bread, sugar made from sawdust, foodless foods (minus nutritional properties), juice powders and synthetic tea and cocoa. Energy will come in tablet form.

At work, Dad will operate on a 24 hour week. The office will be air-conditioned with stimulating scents and extra oxygen – to give a physical and psychological lift.

Mail and newspapers will be reproduced instantly anywhere in the world by facsimile.

There will be machines doing the work of clerks, shorthand writers and translators. Machines will “talk” to each other.

It will be the age of press-button transportation. Rocket belts will increase a man’s stride to 30 feet, and bus-type helicopters will travel along crowded air skyways. There will be moving plastic-covered pavements, individual hoppicopters, and 200 m.p.h. monorail trains operating in all large cities.

The family car will be soundless, vibrationless and self-propelled thermostatically. The engine will be smaller than a typewriter. Cars will travel overland on an 18 inch air cushion.

Railways will have one central dispatcher, who will control a whole nation’s traffic. Jet trains will be guided by electronic brains.

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Memory Loss Camera

Have you ever had an experience where you had something in your hand, you put it down somewhere and you forgot where it was. Well hopefully you wont get that feeling again, thanks to a handy little camera. The camera can fit in the palm of your hand, and can store up to 30,000 images, which is enough for two whole weeks. The camera is produced by Microsoft and takes photos of daily events every 30 seconds so they can be played back later at high-speed to jog the memory.

Researchers are testing the device on healthy elderly people who would typically struggle to recall memories as a result of ageing. It will happen to us all at some point. They tested it on a 63 year old woman and she would usually forget things after 5 days, but the camera increased her memory by 90%.

Dr Chris Moulin who is involved in the research, said: “It is very early days, but the signs are encouraging. Not only were the memories of the event recalled, but the emotions surrounding it were. It has the potential to help people with conditions such as Alzheimer’s and epilepsy as well as people who just struggle with general memory loss. And what is also particularly appealing is that there are no side effects.”

Personally I think my memory is fine, but it would be cool to have one to relive the day, or what you did last week. I want one!

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World’s most expensive mobile number is…

The world’s most expensive phone number was auctioned for charity yesterday in Qatar for a stupid £1.5 million. The previous record holder was Chinese number 8888 8888, which sold for £270,000. The reason is because the number ‘8’ sounds a lot like the word ‘rich’ in some places in the world.

The number in question, is 666 6666.

Why would anyone want this number? It is the number of the devil (apparently) and will mostly likely bring bad luck to whoever has it. By bad luck I mean people now know their number, so they will probably get hundreds of prank callers a day.

Here are some interesting 666 facts:

  • The first Apple Computer sold for $666.66,
  • The sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is w – so www. shows how evil the internet is.
  • And Viagra has a molecular weight of 666.7g/mol.

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Top Google and Yahoo Search Terms Announced

Just looking down the list of top searches of 2007, you can see a huge difference between Google and Yahoo. Within the past few days they both announced what people had typed into their search bar the most, here are the results.


1. iphone
2. webkinz
3. tmz
4. transformers
5. youtube
6. club penguin
7. myspace
8. heroes
9. facebook
10. anna nicole smith


  1. Britney Spears
  2. WWE
  3. Paris Hilton
  4. Naruto
  5. Beyonce
  6. Lindsay Lohan
  7. Rune Scape
  8. Fantasy Football
  9. Fergie
  10. Jessica Alba

It’s safe to say that Yahoo is a favourite with the teenage male market!

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25 Years of Water Effects in Computer Games

While browsing the interweb, I stumbled upon these rather cool images. It shows how games have represented water throughout the years, and it really shows how far the technology has advanced in a short space of time. It makes me wonder what we can expect in the next 10, 15 even 30 years. Here are a few:

1982: Flight Simulator 1

Flight Simulator

1991: Sonic The Hedgehog (Master System)


1998: Half-Life 1/ Counter-Strike (PC)


2004: Far Cry (PC)


2007: Silent Hunter 4 (PC)


You can see the whole bunch more here

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What will YouTube look like in HD?

YouTube announced a while back that they are working on making YouTube videos appear in High Definition. The current player isn’t the best quality, however most of it depends on the original video that is uploaded. A problem with HD videos is that they take longer to load, just like the video below, take a look:

YouTube Preview Image

The video quality is great but I think YouTube will need to sort out the streaming times. Although better quality is good, people do not want to be waiting 3 minutes for a 1 minute clip.

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Xbox 360’s are plagued. Still!

A few months ago I bought an Xbox 360 because Halo 3 was coming out (yes I like Halo that much… anyway). If I recall correctly it was due for release on the 26th of September 2007. I knew my luck was bad, I just didn’t realise how bad it was. The day before release my 360 broke down.
I phoned Xbox support, who I have to say were very good at handling my issue. They arranged for a courier to come and pick the 360 up, all I had to do was find a box to put it in. That is when my laziness comes in. I put it in the original 360 box even though they tell you not to as you won’t get the box back, but meh.
Anyway it took about a week and 3 days to come back, apparently its graphics engine was broken, so they replaced the entire inside of the 360. Ooooo and they gave me a free month of Xbox Live for the inconvenience so it was all good.

On the 18th of November I bought another 360 for my dad. I got the new HDMI enabled premium 360 this time, which I was quite chuffed with.
Now I am presuming that these new HDMI 360’s were made AFTER they discovered a lot of issues with the 360 (and set 1 billion dollars aside for repairs). I opened the box of the 360, it was nice and white with silver highlights, just like my other 360 so nothing new there.

Plugged it in, ready to go and I get a E68 error argh!
So once again I had to phone Xbox support. They’re sending out a new hard drive this time lol.
It seems that the problems with 360s will never EVER end.

Oh and the broken Hard Drive was made in Taiwan, and the working one (mine) was made in Singapore, so watch out anyone with a hard drive made in Taiwan! 😀

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University On Your Phone

Mobile phones being used to hire and fire employees, surf the internet, watch videos and now you can…get an education.

A University in Japan is giving 1,850 students a chance to get almost 100 courses directly onto their mobile phones, in the form of a Power Point presentation. 71% of the University is owned by a mobile service provider named Softbank (so I suppose it isn’t that much of a surprise) and is currently called the ‘Cyber University’.

The head of the University says that “the technology will allow those with jobs or who have disabilities greater access to education,” He also added, “…our duty as educators is to respond to the needs of people who want to learn, even if the course is interrupted by an SMS.”

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