Pastures New

Its been a while but I am finally going to get round to posting regular updates here.
In my previous post I indicated that I was actually going to do that, however it quite obviously didn’t materialise. The main reason for this is because I was working on my most ambitious project yet, For those of you that may not be aware, FetchMP3 was; still is a revolutionary service for the conversion of offline and online videos into the portable audio format known as MP3. Check it out if you haven’t already, its growing in member-base every day and I expect it to go from strength to strength over the next year or so.

So now that FetchMP3 is out of the way, I have time to dedicate to new projects. One such project is going to be my own Web Development company. I have spent years working in the web development industry, managing many projects throughout their life-cycle and beyond, and I believe with this knowledge I can setup a business dedicated to bringing high-end design and programming to the masses. For to long I’ve come across web design/development company’s offering a service that they generally end up not giving for what ever reason. I’ve seen it from both sides of the spectrum, so I’m hoping that this will allow me to lead my new venture into a success.

Keep your eyes peeled for new information about the company :)


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I’m back!

It has been a long long time since I last posted on this blog, ironically since it is supposed to be my personal retreat to blog about all things that interest me. I guess I’ve just got side-tracked recently with my site, which you should check out if you’re not familiar with it :)

I’ve decided to start posting here again as it seems a shame to waste such an opportunity to vent and inspire other people :)

I’m going to post as much as I can, hopefully on a daily basis, and even more if I feel up to it.

I’m looking forward to seeing comments and feedback from my readers, I’ll be seeing you around! :)

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Google Cache Reveals UK Cardholders’ Details

It has been reported that Google’s cache feature has revealed the credit card details of more than 19,000 UK residents. The details are said to have been cached due to clumsy cybercriminals and subsequently spidered by Google’s bots.

The cache feature of Google is something which allows users to view a webpage which is days, sometimes weeks old. This is useful for some internet users if the target web page or web site has been taken offline for what ever reason.

In this instance various sensitive details were found including; 16 digit numbers, expiry dates, names and addresses of the Visa, American Express and Mastercard users. These were found after a web server in Vietnam, used by cyber criminals, was shut in February.

The majority of the cards have been cancelled now to prevent any further illegal activities taking place on those credit cards and Google has stepped in advising us that it has removed the content from its cache and has reiterated the fact that webmasters can use existing Google tools to remove any sensitive information from the search giant’s cache.

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Remote Email Address Validator


Long time no post! I've been concentrating on my other projects lately so I have neglected to post on here :(
However I come back with a nice little email validator :)

Email addresses are changing all the time, and some people use shifty techniques to get around email validators. This means that a website owner has to update the regular expression code on all of their websites. However if the checking was done remotely, then there'd be no need to change it on all. You'd just have to change it at one place.

This is easy to implement into any website and I will provide it free for all :)

$_emailtocheck = "";
$_emailvalidationresult = file_get_contents("".$_emailtocheck); // 0 = invalid 1 = valid
if      (trim($_emailvalidationresult) == "1")
        echo "Valid.";
        echo "Invalid email address.";

The trim($_emailvalidationresult) will equal either 1 or 0. Zero if the address is invalid, and 1 if the address is correct and can receive emails.

Let me know what you think :)

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Copy to clipboard using javascript

In a current project i am working on, I need to be able to copy some posted content to my clipboard. Well I looked for a solution so I thought I’d show you….

<span style="#800000;"><span id="texttobecopied"  STYLE="height:150;width:162;background-color:pink">
This text will be copied onto the clipboard when you click the button below. Try it!
</SPAN> </span>
<span style="#800000;"><TEXTAREA ID="holdtext" STYLE="display:none;">
<BUTTON onClick="ClipBoard();">Copy to Clipboard</BUTTON></span>

We have a button here and a span that contains text that will be copied. The button is calling “ClipBoard();” . This is a function that we have written in javascript. It is below…

<code><SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"></code>

function ClipBoard()
holdtext.innerText = texttobecopied.innerText;
Copied = holdtext.createTextRange();


This script reads the inner text of the span, we defined the span on the first line of the function…

<span style="#800000;"> holdtext.innerText = texttobecopied.innerText;</span>

and then holds it in the computers memory. You can assign when clicking an image to copy text or other data by just adding

<span style="#800000;">onclick="ClipBoard();"</span>

To any Link,Image, script ect…

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Try and Catch (…me if you can)

PHP is a great language for creating dynamic websites and has a lot of functions to do just about everything on the server side.

Only, with all those functions you need a good error handler. The other languages like perl, c, c# etc. have a try and catch function. As of version 5, this function is also available in PHP. In this post I will try to explain to usage and benefits of try and catch. Ready ?

Let's say you have a website with some blog posts. Visitors can view the latest post by going to
You also create a page to let visitors read a single post. They'll go to:
This will tell your script that it needs to get item #1 from the database and display it. Now, as we all know, visitors will try all sorts of things, for example: This well tell your script that it should fetch item #blablabla from the database which, ofcourse, does not exist and you get a pretty MySQL error.

Try and Catch
Try and catch works by 'throwing errors'. The script executes a try block and if an error is thrown, the try block will end and the catch function will be executed.

try {
    if (isset($_GET['item'])) {
        $postId = mysql_real_escape_string($_GET['item']);
        $qryPost = "SELECT * FROM posts WHERE id = $postId";

    if (!$rsltPost = mysql_query($qryPost)) {
        Throw new Exception();
    if (!mysql_num_rows($rsltPost)) {
        Throw new Exception();
    $arrPost = mysql_fetch_array($rsltPost);
    echo $arrPost[1];
catch (Exception $e) {
    echo "There is no such post!";

For starters, all the code that we want to error check, needs to be in the try statement. So we start with:

try {

Next is the code to check whether the URL contains the item variable and if it does, execute the code to display that item. Ofcourse we sanitize the variable before sending it to the database.

if (isset($_GET['item'])) {
    $postId = mysql_real_escape_string($_GET['item']);

Normally I write my queries like this:

$qryPost = mysql_query ("SELECT * FROM Posts WHERE id = $postId") or die (mysql_error());

That works fine for most queries. The downside is that when an error occurs, the script dies and displays an error message which could reveal some of your MySQL configuration to the visitor!
We are going to write our query like this:

$qryPost = "SELECT * FROM posts WHERE id = $postId";

Next we're going to evaluate the query and check if it runs without an error:

if (!$rsltPost = mysql_query($qryPost)) {
        Throw new Exception();

As you see, if the query fails, an error is thrown. this will stop the rest of the try statement from executing and go to the catch statement. The same goes for the second if statement. Only this time it checks if the query returns a row.

The catch statement is executed when an error is thrown.

catch (Exception $e) {
    echo "There is no such post!";

Will only echo "There is no such post!" and the rest of your script/site will continue to function.
The try statement also has some debugging features. You can, for example, get the script line on which the error is thrown, or the exact error message.

This is just a basic example of how to use try and catch. You can read more in the php manual

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Are we killing the internet?

Over the past couple of years I have been “into” developing unique and interesting websites.
Developing websites in general is not an easy task. Sure, you can download some awful program to quickly produce a web page, but designing and coding an entire site that is both visually pleasing and user friendly is not so easy, contrary to popular belief. But that’s for another blog post 😉 .

Anyway, when developing a large scale website one of the most important things you have to consider is “how do I make money with this?”. In the past you basically needed two things, adverts and traffic. Once you had those two things sorted out you were good to cash in cheques.

These days however, people have advert blockers, to which I am hugely against. I have never had an advert blocker installed on my PC, and never will. One of the main reasons for this is because I understand from a web developers point of view how difficult it is to make money online. A lot of people consider the internet “the place to be” to make money, as if its easy, but its not. Web developers spend weeks and months perfecting their websites to make it earn money. Which is why I find someone surfing my websites with an ad blocker installed repulsive.

Advertisements power the internet and they give the people that produce the websites we all love, the incentive to carry on producing new and interesting content.
I can fully understand it when you surf to a website and instantly 10,000 popup’s flood the screen. But should you really rush off and download a advert blocker because of that one site? I don’t think so.
I’d just navigate away from that website or find a piece of software to block the adverts on that particular site.

You probably think I am being a bit of a hypocrite for saying that, but I’m not.
Adverts on sites should blend into the user experience, not drive them crazy. If they do they deserve to be blocked – but just on that site!

Websites usually have very few revenue streams, adverts are one of the most important of those.

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My New SIte – FetchMP3.COM – Search . Convert . Download


Its been a while since my last blog post but I’m at least making it a good one!

I have spent a couple of months developing my latest project which is It is a unique site that allows you to search for videos on popular video sites, and download the MP3 version of a particular video.

This site is one of a kind. You don’t need to navigate to a million pages, or download some spyware infested programme. The website will do it all seamlessly – you’ll love it!

Have a look at this video of the site in use, it is unbelievably simple.
YouTube Preview Image

Watch out for new features, as there are plenty in the works, believe me!

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PAPAFACE.COM is hiring!


Well as you may have noticed the updates around here are very few and far between. That’s why I have come to the decision of employing a blogger to publish interesting and unique posts on here just like MINE 😀

If you want to apply just email me at papa.face @ (no spaces). Past experience would be beneficial and please state how much you would expect. No time wasters please.

I am looking to hire someone with immediate effect.


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Youtube Without The Video

Hello there,
It has been a while since I posted something new on my blog, I’ve just been to busy lately.

Today I am going to show you how to put a Youtube video on your website but in a way that only allows you to hear the video rather than being able to see it as well.

Why would I want to do that?
I hear you say. Well sometimes you might want to put music on a page. Youtube is an ideal place to get music from.
Of course you can simply put the video in the page as you would normally do, but that big intrusive box can be annoying at times, especially on myspace etc.

Although this may not be much use to you, it is a nice trick to know :)

You can use this tool to produce the code needed!

The tool allows you to put in Play and Stop controls, but they only work for Firefox.

Feel free to show me a better way to do this if there is one :)

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