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Data Types in PHP

PHP is not a very strict language when it comes down to data types.

$string = "This is a string";

Strings are values that contain characters. This can include basically everything you can type on your keyboard.


$string = 1;

Integers are values that just contain numbers. Notice in the example above that there are no quotes?
Well, you can write an integer like that, or like this:

$string = "1";

PHP automatically converts numbers contained in a string with no other characters into a integer. The only time you need to be careful of this is when you are using operators (I will discuss that in another post).


$string = true;
$string2 = false;

Booleans are values that contain either true or false. They can be used in if statements like:

$string = true;
if ($string)//checks if $string is true
 echo '$string is true';
 echo '$string is false';

Hope that helps you understand data types in PHP better. Obviously I have just scratched the surface in my explanations.
Feel free to comment and ask any questions 😀

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