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Covering of the face in public. Should it be banned?

Around one week ago I stumbled on a few videos which showed the MEP Nigel Farage of the UKIP (UK Independence Party). I’d be the first one to admit that I could follow politics a little closer which would allow me to make a more informed choice come election time. Having watched a range of UKIP videos, I am now a supporter of the party and agree with everything it stands for.
At one point I came across this video:
YouTube Preview Image
I unusually left a comment on this video because my attitudes on the subject are rather strong:

Tomorrow 200,000 people could walk around towns and cities wearing a balaclava. That is a free choice, however I’d guarantee it would scare many people and cause a lot of unrest in the communities. This is´╗┐ referring to the security and safety issues regarding covering of the face.
If someone is wearing a vale, the last thing I personally want to do is approach them to ask them to remove it. It’s a barrier, both physically and mentally. Can’t people see this as a basic, fundamental issue?

I’d like to think I am one of the most liberal guys you’d ever meet, I believe that everyone has the right to an opinion however I also believe that people shouldn’t be pressurised into sharing the same attitudes. It should be entirely the decision of the individual should they chose to agree or disagree with a particular persons opinion.
So with that out the way, here is what I think about covering the face in any way, shape or form in public. Please note that this applies to anyone, not just ethnic minorities.
I believe that no one should be allowed to cover the space between the lower face and above the eyes when in a public place. I often hear it said by certain ethnic groups that they should be free to wear what they like and they’re happy to remove a veil or face covering in the instance of a security issue. However, this is a very weak argument.
The very basis of security means that we do not know when a particular criminal act will take place. If someone with their face covered snatches a handbag off a lady it becomes increasing difficult to identify the offender without being able to distinguish their facial features. If a law was put in place whereby covering of the face is made illegal, such instances would no longer occur without first arousing suspicion by others.
I do not agree that someone of a certain culture or background should be exempted from this because it presents a fundamental, basic security issue.
This is an practice I would like to see implemented for every man and woman in the UK and throughout the world indiscriminately.
Please feel free to share your thoughts on this important issue by leaving a comment.

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