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I can’t walk, but I can drive…

For my dinner break I am allowed 1 hour, today I chose to go home for my lunch. When I’d finished my lunch at home I decided I’d nip to the petrol station to get some petrol (yes I’m stating the obvious).

The first petrol station I went to had no petrol until 3pm! What kind of petrol station is that?!
Anyways, not to worry as there is a petrol station opposite. So off I go to this other place. I pulled up into the queue and sat waiting for a few minutes, all the while mindful that I had to be back at work at 1pm, it was now 12:49. I sat, and I sat and then I saw a woman attempting to put petrol into her car. Nothing unusual there you think? Except this woman was on crutches and was having trouble standing to fuel up her car!
Eventually one of the staff had to go out to help her fill up because all the while the queue was getting longer.

I sat there as she drove off thinking, how can this woman be allowed to drive in the state that she is in? I find it hard to believe that due to her frailness she’d be capable of maneuvering her limbs in the car at such a speed should she be in a position whereby she needs to act quickly.
Things like this really do annoy me. Although I do not know this lady personally, she is potentially putting everyone else on the road at risk due to her ill health. I’m all for the immobile being mobilised, but surely she should have had a relative or friend drive her from point a to b if she really needed to travel.

Anyways, rant over! lol

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