Is internet access a fundamental right?

Almost four in five people around the world believe that access to the internet is a fundamental right, a poll for the BBC World Service suggests.


As the above quote indicates, the majority of people throughout the world now consider internet access a fundamental right. It’s interesting that at one point access to water and food was considered a fundamental right, it now appears that internet access is on par with these two necessities in life.

I do believe that internet access should be accessible to all, be it at home or public library but I do not think it is a right. I think the internet has a lot to offer, not just for finding missing links in your ancestry, but also for education.
I remember when I was around 10/11 I had something named Encarta, this was an encyclopedia produced by Microsoft that you could install on your home computer. It was all the rage at the time, schools also had it to increase the learning resources of children.
Now however the internet has opened up (at least in Western Countries) the ability to access this information. There are now internet schools where children can learn without being in a school themselves physically. I do wonder however, that as the internet expands to accommodate our easy access to information, it has a knock-on effect in other areas such as social mobility. Children tend to spend most of their time indoors these days as they have everything that they could possibly need to entertain themselves within the 4 walls of their bedrooms. Children were once encouraged to “play out” with their friends, however in recent years parents have become increasing concerned about letting their children run free.

I believe that the internet is a luxury that should be obtained after food and drink. Currently their is a scheme for third-world countries to provide each child with a laptop capable of accessing the internet. I think that priorities should be kept in check, surely these children would benefit from a more stable infrastructure within their local communities rather than a laptop!?
It seems the Western World is trying to push the internet onto these developing countries before other aspects are taken care of, this I do not agree with.

We are in an information age, countries are no longer linked by letters/postcards. We’re part of a vast communication era, an era that is only going to get larger as the years go by. I can only hope that access to the internet comes after a persons ability to access real necessities in life i.e. food, water and oxygen ><
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