10 Most Inspirational Home Offices

If you work from home or an extremely enormous nerd that loves having screens left, right and centre you’re gonna love this! I have gone round researching and trying to find some home offices that’ll make you go woaw, I want. Some of these home offices are pretty pricey, ranging from £2,000 upwards.

From what I see this would definately make you want to change your desk at home, maybe even buy a new computer! Who knows maybe you’ll see my home office online sometime… if your lucky!

1. iMac, iBook & Macbook

The vibrant colours on the iMac really brings out the wooden wall in the background, not to mention the Macbook and iBook. Is there really need for two laptops?

2. Mac on a Wall

Lovely glass desk with a Dell screen planted on the wall which is very unique, you don’t see too many that are fixed to the wall. The Macbook Pro really fits in along with the Dell screen, odd that.

3. Monitors Overview

For a start you might need to get a swivel chair for all these screens. This is a pretty impressive setup, just imagine what this would be like with some online gaming!

4. Temporarily Together

If this wouldn’t get you in the mood to work then who knows what would. Two iMacs sitting on a light wooden table with a very nice ‘http’ frame above the desk. This is something you’d see having fast broadband connection like Broadband Compare NI.

5. Roger’s Desktop

Here is every nerds favourite PC setup, this man does some serious gaming and from what I gather, developing. Three screens and one laptop, sound good?

6. Sharp LCD

Surround sound, big screen with a comfortable chair makes a perfect home office.

7. Home Office

How about this place as a home office. Your whole downstairs a work area with very modern furniture.

8. The Lab

Three screens and one laptop seems to be popular!

9. iMac

Basic layout with a iMac and surround sound system.

10. Leopard Fever

This is just beyond the point of awesome in my opinion, this is bound to have every nerd jealous or at least wanting to have the same computer!

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